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Rishikesh is internationally termed as capital of Yoga. Yoga at Green Hotel is completely pure and traditional in form, stemming from the roots of HATHA YOGA and adapting it to suit individual needs. It is a disciplined science encompassing all aspects of life in different ways and levels to balance the mind, body and soul. This helps to restore perfect health and leads us from consciousness to super consciousness, resulting ultimately in internal bliss of Pure Soul.

Our experienced Yoga teachers are trained to understand your personal objectives and assist you to achieve health and well-being during daily classes (Morning and Evening).

Hatha Yoga, the physical part, is only the beginning of the journey towards self-realization. It is the beginning but a very important step. This prepares your body and mind for reaching higher altitude. Hatha Yoga is the gateway to discover the whole treasure of Yoga and it is very important to begin right. We provide best Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh who come with training from the most renowned Institutes in India and with loads of experience.

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  • YAMA : Conditional Yoga behavior, personal and social.
  • NIYAMA : Attitude sublimate to Yoga norms.
  • ASANA : Discipline of the physical body.
  • SAMADHI : Trans consciousness.
  • PRANAYAMA : Control over bio energy through respiratory action.
  • PRATYAHARA : Withdrawal of the senses inwards through abstraction.
  • DHARANA : Concentration
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Yoga is based on a deep understanding of man and his position in this world and was the first system evolved in the world to recognize the connection and the interaction between body and mind. It studies in depth the very structure of the human personality, through analysis of the psychological complexities and the course of human pain, sorrow and suffering. Yoga is basically a way of life which has been evolved as a system to go beyond the personality complex and achieve absolute freedom-liberation of the spirit from the matter.

Green Yoga Retreat at Green Hotel & Hotel Green View :

Join us on a journey of Yoga & Spirituality at bank of river Ganges. We have a special yoga teacher, who organizes Yoga Classes for our guests on daily basis. Yoga & Meditation is the best way to clean body, soul and mind. Yoga is an ancient science. All irrespective of color, caste, sex and race can practise yoga. The ancient seers laid down four ways by which the practitioner can attain Samadhi or spiritual salvation, which is the ultimate goal of Yoga

  • Gyan Marg : The path of knowledge.
  • Karma Marg : The path of action.
  • Bhakti Marg : The path of selfless devotion.
  • Dhyan Marg : The path of introspection, whereby, the pupil learns to cleanse the body, controls the senses and restrains the fluctuations of the mind.
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