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Adventure Activities


Mountain  Biking

Ride through the charm and mist of the bewitching destination, Rishikesh and satisfy the adventurer in you! Rishikesh is known for having a geographical base that is extremely hilly, steep and complex. This feature of the small town makes it perfect for adventure sport like mountain biking. One has to register with any of the adventure clubs and can then select an adventure package that the club offers. Tourists can do this in groups, solo or in couple format as they can be fixed with a larger group if they are less in number.

This adventure sport is more about exploring the real Rishikesh and can be done by anybody. There is no age limit for this adventure in Rishikesh.

Sirasu  Trek

Experience the Sirasu trek, a walk through the local villages in which guests can experience the scenic beauty and farms of the region. Malakhunti is around 25 kms from Rishikesh. A beautiful trek for Mala Village is of 8 kms. And takes 3 hrs to reach Sirasu village and Vashishta Gufa, situated on the banks of the Ganga River, is a popular place for meditation lovers. This is the cave where great Sage Vashishta said to have meditated. He was also among the seven great sages (Saptarishis) and the guru of Lord Ram. According to Hindu mythology, after the death of his children, Sage Vashishta, he decided to commit suicide in River Ganga, but was refused by Goddess Ganga. Arundhati, Vashishta's wife, liked the location and decided to stay here. Sage Vashishta meditated here for long time in a cave.

Bunjee Jumping

Your search for adrenaline pumping adventure sports in Rishikesh will end with the exhilarating experience of bungee jumping. Surrounded by green hills, an experience to free fall from a height of 83 metres with water beneath is bound to be an unforgettable one.

Bungee Jumping is offered by an expert adventure travel company with a professional team of instructors who have sound knowledge of safety gear, directions & technique.


Rishikesh is the destination for rafting enthusiasts in India. River rafting amidst thundering rapids of the river Ganges is an unforgettable experience that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Under the expert guidance of a professional adventure travel company, swimmers and non-swimmers alike can enjoy this thrilling adventure.


Yet another amazing option, if you are touring the sacred land, is Camping in Rishikesh. A stay at these camps will be a memorable one, as they are tented up right on the banks of the Ganges, which exhibits a perfect melange of serene environs and lush green carpets.

An experience of stay, right between the alluring meadows, verdant suburbs, and a fresh breeze is just one-of-its-kind and worth a try. So, escape the luxury stays and delve in an exceptional stay experience at these camps beside the holy waters of Rishikesh.

Flying Fox

Rishikesh is not just a home for multiple adventure activities but the best of them as well. Flying fox is an adventure sport where the participant gets to descend through a valley while he/ she is attached to a chord. The best part about Rishikesh is that it possesses Asia’s longest flying fox track. This fact doubles the fun of trying this adventure sport as you get to do this on a one-kilometer stretch. This adventure sport in Rishikesh can be ticked off as a single participant, in a couple or even a trio.

There are also combinations and packages that you can look up to take part in multiple heights based adventure activities at the same spot.

Kunjapuri  Trek

Experience an 8 km trek from Kunjapuri temple till Rishikesh. Enjoy the scenic view of mountains, walk through villages, farms and more. At the end of the trek unwind by the Neer Gaddu Waterfall.

The breathtaking sunrise and sunset from Kunjapuri temple is an experience not to be missed as the temple is located at a height of 1645 mtrs and has a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks and the town of Rishikesh.